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Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (Radio Edit)

Hi there! Time for another great song!

First though I'd like to apologize for blending my posts with non WoW related content like this but I'd like to explain. I've had some positive feedback on the music I've found and shared here before and I enjoy playing the game with great music in the background so I guess that my intention is for others to be able to do the same.

Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (Radio Edit)

Not much to report from Azeroth pre patch 3.1 except that I'm gunning for [Glory of the raider] before it's too late to get the mount. Unfortunately I might not make it in time as I haven't focused at all on the 10 mans so far. I need at least two more resets and that is if everything plays out perfectly.


Aertimus said...

What about Heroic Glory of the Raider? I don't have a chance at the regular one. I just don't run 10 mans at all. We haven't even tried 3 drakes on 10 man.

Niniel said...

Well I'm actually closer on the heroic one, it's just that it feels like Immortal might be the showstopper there. Last raid we cleared spider and plague with no deaths but then people messed up on Patchwerk of all places and then died on Thaddius and Razuvious as well.

On 10 man I need a few Malygos and Sarth achievements + Undying but it can be done in two resets if I'm lucky. The guild has done two Undying runs and one 'of the Nightfall' so far but I haven't been able to join for them yet.