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Human * 2

Lady Sovereign - So Human

The Killers - Human (Cure Electro Remix) // ELECTR♥! //


Aertimus said...

I think the themed song post is the best yet!

Niniel said...

You mean this human post or the theme of posting songs in general? Sorry I don't understand fully :)

Niniel said...

I'm delighted that you like it anyway! =)

Aertimus said...

I mean this post. I always read your music posts because I like so much of the stuff you link. I like both of these. I love The Killers (after your A'lar kill I listen to the song you mentioned all the time). So Human keeps popping into my head on and off. But what I meant was I REALLY like that you picked a theme and did two songs about being human. I love mix CDs and I'm always making themed ones.

Niniel said...

Thank you! =)
Yes the song for A'lar was very nice, now I got all nostalgic for T5 content! ;)