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A feature request

I've got an idea for an addon or even something that should perhaps exist in the UI by default. When you recieve a party invite, wouldn't it be nice to be able to preview the names of the party members before you accept?

Call me silly but as time passes and you meet a lot of different players on a realm you might run into people which you don't particularly wish to play with again. It's easy to put them on ignore but what do you do if you get a party invite from a guildmate/friend and that person is in the group when you join. Cue awkward silence. If you could see the party members in advance you could spot the person you'd like to avoid and just say no thanks.


Aertimus said...

Can we make that so we can easily see the guilds they are in too???

Last night Yakra and I wanted to try for the Oculus "do this without a color drake" achievement things. One person said they had a RL friend in the group and I was like "Great! A PUG! We're screwed!" Well... it turned out the PUG was in the best PvE guild on the server and had the immortal title and all... I felt really silly for assuming and REALLY glad I only said something to Yak!

Averna said...

What a cool idea. This has never specifically happened to me, but I can see how knowing in advance would be an advantage to avoiding a situation like that. It would be a great add-on, if you could manage to implement it (or find someone to =P)

pugnaciouspriest said...

I agree with Aertimus make sure their guild is listed. While not all members of a guild should be judged the same, even the best guild gets sneaky people, the guild will give an indication of the level of respect you can expect. ( regardless of them being a scrub alt of their best raiding mage or so on.. )

Niniel said...

I've looked around a bit on the available API but haven't seen anything so far that can extract information from a group that you aren't a part of. Maybe it would be too much of an intrusion/spying tool to be able to see group members of others. I suppose a private method usable only by Blizzard in the invite event would work.