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Val'anyr and Tier 8

First of all, here's a link to a very likely model of the new legendary mace Val'anyr. It's very probable that it's this one here seen in more detail. The lightning effect keeping it together looks promising. I'm thrilled that there's a legendary item in the game that I might wield some day.

Tier 8
WoWInsider has posted some screenshots of the Tier 8 armor. It's a bit confusing because there are two screens of a night elf female and a night elf male where they aren't wearing robes which I don't particularly like then there's one screen with a human wearing the druid armor too and he has a robe. I think the robe is absolutely essential if I'm going to like that set!

I'm no designer myself so I have no idea how I'd design a tier set but it seems this one has taken some influence from the [Nordrassil] Tier 5 set. I liked that one a lot, especially the shoulders which sprouted small flowers. Tier 8 is made of wood too, it's got this forehead type helmet just like Nordrassil did but overall I'm a bit disappointed. Nordrassil felt a lot more tasteful. Ok, so druids are creatures of nature, we like wood, we can haz moonfire so there's a moon in our forehead, we can haz furry paws too so there are prints right there on our shoulders, we can root things, fine there's roots and even a moon with craters...it feels very exaggerated and it's such an obvious overuse of symbols that anyone could come up with that concept.
It's kitsch!

Anyway, just make sure it's got a robe and I'll be happy.


Castlereagh said...

How many parts to T8? 14 bosses in Ulduar, plenty of space for 8 armor pieces and a ring. I hope all the parts not in T7 (boots, waist, wrists) drop first. I want to hold onto my set bonuses!

Niniel said...

I'm guessing there's going to be 5 pieces at least to start just like T7.

I read somewhere that Blizzard wanted to leave some room for customization of stats and that they didn't want a tier set to always be best in slot. If it was an 8 piece set then it would probably be a no brainer to want to use all items in the set but if there's only 5 pieces you'd want those and then have to put the rest of your gear together carefully thinking about how to tune your stats together. Just a thought.

Castlereagh said...

I noticed each set has 4 colors. Wonder if one comes from 10 man, 25, and a PVP set and a {something}. Or when you turn in the token, if you can pick a color. That would be awesome. Especially if you could change the color later.

Averna said...

Just make sure it's got a robe?


I wanna see my leggggsssss

Niniel said...

About the colors I'm guessing it's a 10 man version, a 25 man version, a PvP version and one color for items that won't be a part of the set but use the same model. I doubt the helmet or shoulders will be reused but the other parts probably will.

Haha, I'm a robe person Averna!

Castlereagh said...

I'm actually a pally tank :X So I'll look like a robot. A badass robot. Can't wear a dress, I'll trip! I'm reeeeeally hoping for the chance to change armor colors, would add a level of customization.

Aertimus said...

The two most detailed unique pictures say robe???

*crosses fingers*

That yellow would be REALLY sexy with the epic mace too... maybe time to change the colors on my blog...

Niniel said...

It would be nice to be able to change colors to match gear but I don't think it will happen any time soon unfortunately.

*crosses fingers for robe too*

Vargarth said...

Well, I'm a pants man. Dangly parts ftw. (Tabards of course, what were you thinking?)

But yes, the helm and shoulders do seem a bit, exaggerated in terms of WoW druidic references.