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Beware of strangers online

WoW can be a friendly place where you can hang out with noobs and hardcores and have fun with friends and chat with cool people. It's also a place where you can risk meeting some very strange people.

Someone I care about recently got herself a genuine stalker from WoW. Imagine the most socially inept person possible finding out that the person he's playing WoW with is a girl...I mean ZOMG!!!1 she must be his soul mate! She was foolish enough to share her personal contact details, they met, things didn't work out and now she can't get rid of the sorry bastard.

Now she gets suicidal e-mails and texts from him and he's stalking her somehow because he knows where she's been and what she's been doing. His behavior indicates that he's either a manipulative psychopath or the most pitiful cry-baby on the planet.

Something to add to that, if a girl doesn't contact you then she's probably not interested. If you're not interesting to her then threatening with suicide will not make you more interesting. It might get you some short term attention but it's hardly something that's a good foundation for a future friendship or relationship.

Just a word of warning, be careful of who you trust, there are some sad losers out there.


Darraxus said...

I agree. A woman I have played with for years on WoW is being E-Stalked by a former guildy. The dude is dead bodies in the basement creepy. He even tried to ask other people her personal info.

erumel said...

I'm sorry to hear that. It's scary that it actually happens.

Captain The First said...

Never put your personal info online or give it to anyone period.

Identity theft alone should've taught people that.

Either way stalkers should be reported to the authorities... let them earn the tax dollars.

Enmagi said...

As a woman who plays wow myself I can tell ya there's some creepy guys out there. But what do you expect from guys who play wow? they are bound to be a little strange.. so are the women though ;) Special ppl play this game.. though not all of them are special in a negative way.

erumel said...

I don't mind people being special at all as long as they don't scare others.

I think this case involves a very childish person with very limited life experience suddenly imagining a connection to another person and then not being able to handle it in a way that is socially acceptable.

enmagi said...

sounds like my ex bf.

erumel said...