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Post patch reflection

To be honest I don't have many impressions yet of the latest patch. I've only played for about two hours so there's probably a lot to be discovered.

I got to kill Ragnaros for my first time last night! You no longer need whatever item it was you previously needed from Hydraxxian waterlords to summon him. We cleared all of Molten Core on 6 raiders (two tanks, one healer and three DPS) and it was silly easy of course. It seems the reputation gains have been increased because I think I got 5-6k rep from one full run.

What else...I quite like the new animation and look on our Moonfire spell, did you notice it? If you've used Moonfire yet I'm sure you would.

Don't forget that you can clear out your bank a bit now as well if you still are clinging on to items like the Mallet of Zul'Farrak and other old stuff like that. They have either become gray items or been transformed to weapons now. I got 3-4 slots cleared up anyway.

I'll get to experience the Wild Growth cooldown in tonights Naxx run. I don't think it will bother me much though as I haven't relied on it as a main spell in any way.


Enmagi said...

I am only slightly annoyed by the change. It is not because I rely heavily on the spell but rather because the spell is a "smart heal"

I've noticed I can be targeting someone (example- MT) and wish to put up ALL my hots.. including WG.. but if for some reason, the tank's health goes to max (which happens a lot on a MT) the smart part of the wild growth decides to heal 5 ppl around him.. who aren't at full (even though I'm targeting him)..

This seems very unsmart.. I am picking him.. this is who I want to heal.. yes he may be at full health now- but in 1 second when I'm about to be silenced and he will take a massive hit.. (which as a healer I could have the foresight to know) I don't really wanna be healing those 5 other ppl. .... you get where I'm going with this.

so prepatch, I'd simply recast until the person I was targeting finally got wildgrowth. obviously now, that's not an option. and therein lies my annoyance. but it really isn't *that* bad.

erumel said...

I agree with you. I'd prefer if it always ticked on the target and four others in range.