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I love our guild chat during raids

Here's a discussion from our guild in between tries on Thaddius in Naxxramas.

North/south is confusing btw :b

What's less confusing than north/south?


Ne and Sw

Port and starboard

Hither and thither?

Right/left isn't confusing?

I ran the wrong way at first and it took a few seconds to figure out on the map what was north

So left as we look at it now is south right?

Left is south, right is north, yep

West/east work as well

Naxx needs fewer diagonal rooms

In nautical terms, you should always be tacking if you get a polarity shift, never jibe.

You're all weird tbh

The tacking/jibe comment really made me burst out laughing! =)


Megan said...

LOL Nautical terms. Great share!

erumel said...

Haha, the nautical terms guy says he's got a note from his doctor saying he doesn't have to kite things :)

Anonymous said...

It clicked for me when someone said "always go clockwise" I'm known for being 'directionally challenged' when it comes to knowing which way to run :)

Aertimus said...

I um... have to post-it notes on my computer... one says "+" and the other "-".

But... I'm not getting the tack/jibe reference. Which way is he considering up wind?

erumel said...

I have no idea, I'm nautically challenged ;)