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Ding 80, Wowjutsu working again and raiding commences

I noticed a few days ago that our realm rank started moving again so it's nice to see wowjutsu being updated and working with the new raids of the expansion.

I dinged 80 during the weekend as a ghoul in Zul'Drak

I have been to Naxx 25 twice so far since. It felt a bit like diving into the deep end although it went well. I've been a bit slower to 80 than the guild so they had a headstart on me. On my first night we downed Gothik, Four Horsemen and Patchwerk. On the second night we downed Grobbulus, Gluth and Thaddius. All of them progressive kills.

I won [Damnation] from the Horsemen, A nice upgrade for me from my old Archimonde staff.

Since raiding just started at 80 I haven't tuned my UI at all for raid content yet so I'm not happy about my current Grid setup. There's a bug with GridStatusDruidHots so that all the dots remain after the hot's have expired so that's pretty bad, I'm not happy about how the middle icon hides the hot timer either. Anyhow, there's lots of improvements to be made there. Also Bigwigs etc needs to be configured with good placement and size of all the bars and alerts.

I just realized that this routine of mine with posting the new boss kills like this is a lot similar to what Dexter is doing with his victims blood. I'm actually taking trophies, so here is my virtual little wooden box:

Gothik down

Four Horsemen down

Patchwerk down

Grobbulus down

Gluth down

Thaddius down


Aertimus said...

It took me insane amounts of time to get grid working again. I don't remember exactly all what I did to get them working - but I know it involved saving my old lua file, redownloading, pasting the lua file, and then starting totally new with GridStatusMyHots.

Glad you are raiding again!!! Did I really see some bosses before you??? We flew through so much of Naxx 25 man that my head is still spinning. And, oh yes, I am exstaic that WoWJutsu is working again, although I'm not so happy about the fact that we got passed up by some new guild.

erumel said...

Hey! Yes, it's fun to be back and yes you did beat me to the new bosses :) I'm not extremely good or hardcore, I've just been around raiding since Karazhan so I've seen a bit.

Thanks for the tip about GridStatusMyHots, I'll check it out!

I've yet to step foot in Spider wing or Plague wing but I did kill Sapphiron and Kel'thuzad in the old 40 man Naxx once :) It's weird not having done the 10 man version yet. The guild got Sapphiron down last reset so I'm thinking that Kel'thuzad should go down during this reset.

Don't worry much about the new guilds, the difficulty is so much lower for now that it doesn't really say much. Wait until Ulduar I think, then it will be harder.

Aertimus said...

Thats what Yakra keeps saying. But he says everyone loves dwarves too, so I don't trust him any farther than I could throw him. I know... I know... don't throw a dwarf.

There are still a few bosses in there that I have not done. I've only done all of Military and Construct.