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Four wings cleared on heroic Naxx

We cleared all of spider wing, plague wing and left only Four Horsemen standing in Military Wing last night. That's not half bad for four hours, we should have gotten 4HM down as well but it was getting late, we started to get some tank DC's and the run back is long.

I have to confess that I haven't really read up on the strategy for all the bosses yet and I'm still mostly in BC gear with hardly any new enchants or gems so I'm not exactly performing anywhere near my potential but I'm still contributing at a decent level. I've never been in this position before anyway that I'm not one of the pillars of the raid that keeps us up. I'm currently way behind in gear, strategy and even motivation. I need to finish my questing and the zones before I can fully commit to this, my heart isn't in it yet.

With those bosses down that's all the four wings cleared for me, now to learn the fights better and gear up. Speaking of gearing up, I was happy to get [Tunic of Prejudice] and [Boots of Forlorn Wishes].

Anyway, here's the new kill shots for the bosses that was new to me.

Anub'Rekhan down

This fight was quite easy even without not knowing the strategy, I just followed the group and kept hots on the tanks and did raid healing with WG. Important to keep range to boss during Carrion Swarm.

Faerlina Down, didn't get a picture taken.
Not that hard fight I think, I removed poisons and healed. I have to learn how important it is to remove poisons so I know if it can wait or if it's critical.

Maexxna down

This fight was about keeping hots and abolish poison on the tank during critical moments. I didn't know when so I just spammed everything all the time and it went ok. I'll be better when I know what to look out for.

Noth the Plaguebringer down

Two phase fight, huddle up in the first phase, spread out to avoid AoE damage during the second phase. Not very difficult, just avoid aggro from adds and decurse like a madman!

Heigan the Unclean down

Not a hard fight once you get the movement figured out. I died of course from the first eruptions but it was a one shot in the end. I strafed instead of going straight and I didn't know the timing really. I think I'll be fine here onwards.

Loatheb down

Not knowing this fight was terrible, you're supposed to get a buff from spores and I didn't really know how or when but I got it eventually. I also didn't understand when to DPS or when to heal here, I have to learn what the healing debuff is called and how it's timer works. I was terrible here.

Instructor Razuvious down

Not a hard fight, the priests with the mind controlled adds did most of the job, I just raid healed and kept everyone topped off.

From these bosses Maexxna, Loatheb and Heigan are fights you want to be prepared for and not just walk in on. The other bosses are more forgiving I think. Other bosses that have special tactics that you can't really cruise along on are 4HM, Grobbulus and Thaddius.


Enmagi said...

Was loetheb different on 25 than 10? I just did some 25 man naxx last night, but we didn't head that direction cuz they were scared ppl wouldn't know how to do the dance.

on the 10 man, you only get 3 second intervals to heal every like.. 20 seconds.. as a druid though, you can stack hots around, and when the 3 second window comes up, the hots will tick on ppl who have time left on them (lifeblooms can be timed to bloom in this window for example) mostly you time a regrowth cast on your MT, and then the last couple seconds in that 3 second window can be used for SM on existing hots, WG to give 5 ppl 700-1400 healing (depends if you use the first or second second) or whatever else you choose. just recognizing you only have a small window and casting anything uses your 3 seconds..

25 man seemed slightly less interesting/challenging than 10 man. but i think that's cuz i've been carrying the healing on our 10 mans. (not that i didn't top the meters in the 25er) but i reserve my judgement til i've seen all the bosses.. and i've done it with just my guild (cuz we did it with a combination pug)

My guild needs more healers.. wtb healers.

erumel said...

I think it's the same on the 25 man but I haven't done the 10 man version. The 3 second window was still there but all abilities does more damage. I'm looking forward to doing the 10 man so I can spot the differences!

Enmagi said...

the next day we went back with that pug and finished it off, and loetheb is exactly the same on 25 as on 10 except that on 10 you can say - hey dps, you are responsible for your own healing.. in 25ers they assigned healers to groups.. it was really easy to see which healers were you weaker healers that way >.< never would have thought about it for my guild..

it came down to the wire the first time we did it.. it was the MTs group and me (cuz i ended up in that group) and it ended up just being the MT and me.. until the very end. we got to like 2% and wiped cuz i oomed. (the rest of the raid had died) i really miss being able to pot more than once per fight. the second time around, no one died. (cuz the healers understood the 3 second window idea better)