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Getting used to new numbers

It still feels a bit strange to see Starfire crit for +9000 and Swiftmend crit for +10000. It's weird but in a good way.

Last nights heroic raiding was successful. Oneshots of 4HM in military wing, Patchwerk, Grobbulus and Gluth. Thaddius took a few tries but then went down and Sapphiron went down on the third or fourth try of the night. Sapphiron was a fun fight, I was put on MT healing and helped with raid healing when hiding behind ice blocks.

I've invested some time and gold in the AH during the week as well. We'll see if it pays off. I've gained about 11000g this week and spent about 10000g according to moneyFu so I've made a small profit and now have a fortune in eternals, gems and enchanting mats. If it sells I'll be rich =)

I have also done the Gun'Drak and Violet Hold heroics as well and both were nice. Violet Hold was a really quick instance and Gun'Drak had a cool atmosphere. I've finished Zul'Drak now and I have started exploring Scholazar Basin. I made a surprisingly good profit from selling herbs and cooking the fish I caught in there. It's a lovely zone by the way, I couldn't help myself just flying around fishing and picking herbs.


Enmagi said...

If you have enough badges.. I'd buy the cloth healer belt.. it'd be a huge upgrade for ya. The elegant temple gardener's girdle one.

I need to regem all my gear.. I just bought cheap gems to throw into them so I could use the gear sooner rather than later, but I need to find someone who can cut the better gems (they are too expensive precut)

Also, in case you go about trying to get it cut- purified twilight opal (spell power and spirit) does not exist in the game. so don't bother buying the twilight opals and trying to get them cut.. no one will know it >.< /sigh at blizz. I wanted that one too.

I've seen some crazy numbers.. 8k regrowths, 14k swiftmends.. I was just like.. did that just.. was that me? /glances around.. is my scrolling combat text suddenly picking up other ppl's numbers? my lifeblooms roll for over 1k again.

speaking of lifeblooms, i can't decided between the tree aura idol and the lush moss idol. in my current gear- in tree form- lifebloom single stack changes to from 337 to 352. it's not a huge difference and lifebloom is still so expensive.. /sigh wtb more idol options.

erumel said...

Thank you for the belt tip! Believe me, I'm just a tad ashamed over my Void Reaver belt at this level ;) It's the first item to upgrade for me when I can afford it with badges unless I'm lucky with some drop.

I haven't read up on what drops where yet so I'm just pleasantly surprised everytime something in leather or cloth with spellpower drops. I've only got 14 or so heroic badges and maybe 20 raid badges so I'm not there quite yet.

It's a cool feeling to see those numbers, I reacted just like you.

I'd go for the tree aura idol for now, I was reading about the Lush Moss idol on Wowhead and it seems that it's currently bugged or something. Either that or the old Lifebloom idol was too strong by mistake so the new Moss idol didn't make a difference worth the badge cost.