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Things to do:

I will bring my druid to Howling Fjord and enjoy the new content. I'm choosing to level with a balance spec because I expect to overpower the content initially and I've come to enjoy the Balance tree during the last month. I'll probably be able to heal instances anyway with a full balance build. I'm hoping to have a look at the first instance.

I'll probably bring my mage to Howling Fjord as well and train the new profession levels then park her by a mailbox, ready to disenchant and level tailoring. My rogue will go to Borean Tundra for future leveling with better skinning possibilities and I'll probably start a Death Knight even though I won't level him until my druid is level 80.

I'm not going to rush through the content but level slowly and explore everything. Last night I fought of abominations for a while in Stormwind harbour. I could easily bring down those 71-72 elites on my own. It was a pretty fun event even though there was no reward for it.

I'll probably be listening to this when I'm questing


Aertimus said...

I tried to convince Yakra that we should go out tonight and buy it, then come home and sleep and get up at 5:45 to go to work but he didn't buy it... So we will start a 3.5 day leveling extravaganza at 4ish. We will be leveling our mains only, but taking the time to enjoy it. I just don't plan on 'wasting' any early time messing with professions and alts. And yes, we are hoping to roflstomp the content with our gear.

Have a blast!

erumel said...

Thank you, I will! =) Good luck with the roflstomping ;b

Justin said...

Very nice track. Feel free to share more great music!