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A rich and consistent experience

That's probably what I'd say about first day in Northrend if I worked for Microsoft. Consistent is maybe not the word though when I think of it, there's so much variety and imagination in the quests that I just loved it all. It's consistent in that everything is a lot of fun though.

From the starting quests in Valgarde to running Utgarde keep, exploring the Vrykul relationship to humans, discovering a rogue Titan called Loken, running around disguised as a robot, flying as a bird stealing eggs of the cliffs, using weapons to shoot at buildings and bombing pirates. That's a lot of initial impressions.

I played for 4-5 hours in Howling Fjord and I made it to 90% on the experience bar on my way to level 71. There's already death knights at level 64 in the guild and some other classes are level 73, I saw a paladin at 74 before logging which I think might become realm first level 80.


Enmagi said...

our realm first hit last night, he was an orc warrior I think. I'm currently 72 and going strong. Resto all the way though >.<

the instances.. are awesome. esp the old kingdom.. the last boss is just.. wow. so creative. nexxus too.. i like that. creative bosses.. we wiped a bit figuring out wth we were suppose to be doing, but yeah once you figure them out they are easy ;) but isn't it exciting going through and figuring it all out?

Aertimus said...

Hows it going? How was dinging again? I thought it was a little surreal!

Definitely Rich and Consistent!

erumel said...

Hey there! I missed that I got these comment, sorry about that!

I love creative fights and I love the expansion and everything in it so far! =)