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World of WoW (blog visitors)

Just for fun, here's two completely unscientific pictures of where the visitors of this blog come from. Well, they are scientific in that they really do show where the visitors come from but it doesn't really say much more than that. I could very well have a very special target audience and it doesn't reflect where the practitioners of WoW are geographically located ;)

This is a very small blog with little value but I just thought it was a bit fun to see where the majority of my visits do come from. The sample data is a full years worth of visits.

World visitors

US visitors

No doubt the interest is largest in the US. I am responsible for most of the visits from Sweden of course. I wonder though why so many visits come from California and Texas and do they even have computers in Wyoming or North & South Dakota? ;)


Kagrra said...

:P It's a little general of me to say it this way but there are a lot of people in both California and Texas. Many metropolis-type areas. I can only assume that leads to more people engaging in the interneting than, say, Wyoming. :D Grossly generalized, of course.

It's great to see where your traffic comes from and even better to know you're loved by so much of the globe. What did you use to collect your data and generate the maps?

erumel said...

Ah, I see. Good point! =) I'm not very knowledgeable about how the states differ in population or urbanization really.

I'm using Google Analytics. http://www.google.com/analytics/

You signup and the follow the instructions to include a small javascript in your blog template and they take care of the rest. When you login to analytics you can see your traffic, referring sites and lots of cool data.

Barrhona said...

California, Texas (where I live), and New York are the 3 most populated states in the United States, which follows your viewing trends.

And as for the Dakotas... there are actually a few people who live there, but they are so spread out that High Speed Access is very low, thus meaning minimal WoW players!

Is there some sort of index which lets us see what the colors mean? I assume the darker the color the higher the hits.

erumel said...


I only have a few thousand visits so the index range from white = 0 to dark green being about +500 visits.

I'd be a lot more interested in the numbers from www.bigredkitty.net/
Someone who actually has a large following of readers.

Anonymous said...

Asking if people in Wyoming or South Dakota misses the point. There are no PEOPLE in those states, so computers are irrelevant =P.

enmagi said...

oh there's ppl in those states.. they are just busy chasing the tumbleweeds and rattlesnakes.. (I lived in WY for a while.. really there aren't many ppl there.. )

erumel said...

Just for reference, the whole population of Sweden is only about 8-9 million in total. We're quite a large country for that small a number. About the width of Florida and the height of the whole east coast.

Brierley said...

Having relatives in north Dakota I would be intereested in a month to month break down. I know my relatives internet goes down along with the local telephone service quite a bit in the winter. Maybe they would be a brighter green in the hotter months but once the snows come the numbers go down.