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My UI is dead. Long live my UI!

Last night was an unpleasant surprise as I logged on. I was sort of expecting this though with about 325 folders in my interface folder.

I tried my luck and logged on and what I saw was the most distorted version of the game I've seen with errors all over. I couldn't read the chat, I didn't see my own character on the screen and I couldn't zoom out.

I decided to delete all the addons and clear my WTF folder, only keeping the .lua files of gatherer, historian and mobinfo2. I then started to rebuild the UI with only Dominos replacing my Bongos2 and with X-Perl for my unit frames. This was without learning any new spells or placing any talent points. After a minute or two I got World Server is Down and gave up.

Being in the Beta I'm not really concerned as there's nothing I want to do on the live realms for now. It's pretty fun to fiddle with the UI so I'm looking forward to perfecting my new UI. I guess I'll wait until more addons get updated until I'm happy with everything again. I think that the action bars, unit frames and the chat and menus are the most vital parts of the UI for me. I'll start with X-Perl, Dominos, Align, Chatter and Fubar then we'll see where it goes.


enmagi said...

the only key to my ui is grid.. the rest I can take or leave..

I went and looked at some of your older ui pictures and it looks like you have a very clean ui.. highly organized (though none of them were in a raid condition and that's when your ui goes crazy fun anyway :))

erumel said...

Thank you very much!
You're right, during a raid there's quite a bit of information to keep track of :)

At least the very absolute center of the screen was free from addons.

We're quite similar when it comes to gear level by the way, nice going! =)

Aertimus said...

I feel the pain... I think I have 8 hours invested in resurrecting my UI and I'm still not done...

enmagi said...

I've finally settled in with grid and slowly am I resurrecting the other parts that don't matter as much.. I bet when all is said and done I'll have over 8 hours as well.

Yes I had noticed your gear level as well.. it's rare to find a resto druid at my level in any of these resto forums/blogs.. refreshing though. keep up the blogging.

erumel said...

Thanks, I will! :)

Now I've got my basic action bars, fubar and unit frames set up. I'm not done with Grid by far but at least my keybinds and macros are working again. I'm still looking forward to setting up my chat windows and tweaking the pixels and positioning of things.

I have installed DoTimer but I really think it's a lot worse than what it used to be. The config section is just confusing as hell while the old version was crystal clear.

Our guild ran through BT 9/9 last night in less than 3 hours while people kept disconnecting and having major UI/addon issues. I came in for Gurtogg with no raid frames and just had to guess which group I was in, fixing the UI while healing. Then we proceeded to kill Illidan with only 1 demon phase.

enmagi said...

yeah we did BT on Wednesday and it was a joke. we did it in under 3 hours as well and we wiped a bit on council (sometimes timing that pull can be fussy)

It started out on ML and by the time we were headed to BB the raid leader finally put it on group loot.. because I had been going from pile of dead bodies to pile of dead bodies and never even gotten a chance to really use a single healing spell.. just loot loot loot.. (not that I needed to, I think you could do BT with 2 healers now) I feel like they over nerfed just a bit..

We had been progressing into sunwell prepatch.. gotten the first boss to about 12%/9% but then on Thursday we went in and owned him and also one shot brutallis.

Felmyst caused us a little trouble cuz no one knew the strat.. but I imagine he'll probably go down Monday >.<