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Initial achievement points?

I had 1475 points when I looked last night (Not sure about the 75, could have been 35 but I'm certain it was 1400 anyway)

How many achievement points did you have as initial value when you logged on? I came out as the winner when asking in guild chat, at least among all who were online at the time. I think most of the points came from having done a lot of quests and instances and having played the game since May in 2006.

I did have quite a lot of holes in the explorer section which came as a surprise as I thought I'd had been everywhere all over. Also quite a few holes in the lower Kalimdor instances and big holes in the Outland heroics.


Leafshine said...

I was about 1250 when I first logged in. It's gone up a bit since then. :)

enmagi said...

I was about the same maybe 1275ish, but I notice I am missing a lot of points for things I know I've done (like clearing MC, the lower instances etc) I'm sure it'll go up quite a bit though.
I'd be curious to see if you're still top in your guild after a week or two ;)

erumel said...

Hehe, I'm sure I'll fall behind now that people are actively pursuing the points.

I like that initial value though as it states your condition and experience in the game before chasing points madly by falling or drinking or what not ;)