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Northrend and norse mythology

I'm looking forward to trying to spot a lot of references to Norse mythology in Northrend. Though living in Sweden I can't say I'm especially well versed in all the details of the Aesir, Vanir, Elves, Dwarves and Giants that make up the five basic peoples of Norse mythology but I'm sure I'll recognize some things.

Here is an interesting picture from a scene in one of the starting quests of Howling Fjord. It's from 15 000 years ago and it shows what seems to be two Vrykul parents (Mom and Dad) with a human child.

Is this a possible hint at the origin of humans? Are humans perhaps the descendants of the Vrykul? Much like the Aesir and Vanir looked just like humans only bigger.

I have hardly quested at all in Northrend but if we say Vrykul are like the Aesir do they have enemies in Northrend like the Vanir then? It will be fun to find out!

Majestic views

On a completely different note, I took the opportunity of trying out the premade level 80 pvp-characters that was made available on the Beta. They were equipped with flying mounts so I took a quick flight over the Storm Peaks and Howling Fjord.

Something that strikes me from what little I've seen is the difference in height and depth of Northrend compared to Outland and the rest of Azeroth. It feels majestic in Northrend when you stare down the abyss outside Ulduar or look at the cliffs surrounding the Howling Fjord.

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Aertimus said...

The build you suggested was actually my first plan. I know we are supposed to have more mana issues now, so I was going to go into moonglow to help elevate that. But right now I so rarely have mana issues that I thought I would go all in to the skills that would up healing from HoTs. (So higher crit would mean a slight increase in that living seed... thing... that I don't know what my feelings on yet.)

I am honestly assuming I'm going to go OOM to much and will need to make the change you suggested. I am looking forward to when we can have two specs. I know mine will both be healing: one heal heavy and the other for mana regen.

Not that I can actually get on my fracking server and try any of this. Hence the all talk and no action!