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Third Kalecgos kill

Last night was our third ever and so far our best kill of Kalecgos.

I was very lucky to get the [Tranquil Majesty Wraps] from trash and also [Breeches of Natural Splendor] from Kalecgos (he drops leather caster leggings but those are turnable into these healing ones by the use of a [Sunmote]). Now I'm actually having to turn my T6 leggings and T6 gloves into some sort of resistance gear. It's weird to not consider T6 as best in spot.

After getting Kalec down we had some Brutallus practice. I didn't get to practice healing Burn targets that much because the main tanks kept getting killed during the first minute.

I've also switched raid frames from X-Perl to Grid but more on that in another post.


Aertimus said...

<3 <3 <3 Grid. Did you get lifebloom timer for it too?

erumel said...

I've got 23 folders in my interface folder starting with Grid now so yes I've got it ;)

erumel said...

With a total of 323 folders btw ^^