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A few updates


Last week was a great raiding week with 9/9, 5/5 after only 2 days with both Illidan and Archimonde one-shotted. Kalecgos went down nicely for the second time on monday and that gave us some time for learning the Brutallus fight. The plan for tuesday was to make solid progress on Brutallus as there's hardly no trash before him and you can teleport right to Kalecgos terrace. Unfortunately the realm went down after only 2-3 tries and so we had to cancel the raid. Worst possible time of the week! :/

Before calling the raid off and while waiting for people to reconnect we discovered a weird bug. It is possible that people with the mount from Kael'thas are Sunwell attuned so they can pass through the fire? Our mage had no problem running back and forth through this fire barrier.

Sunwell mount bug?

Alt progress

I've taken some time lately to get my second Netherwing mount. Sweet! It took some time because I didn't have any gathering professions but being a dps class was more fun. Niniel has Onyxien so now I went with Jorus, the cobalt one. I figured it will be suitable for Northrend.

I've done 2 Karazhan runs on my mage so far and today I PUG:ed Magtheridon on her! :D The raid had some T6 people in it but it was mostly T4 alts.


I also got whispered during the fight from a X-realm player with some nice feedback for my blog which made me very happy! I thank you humbly! =) I do write this blog for my own sake because I enjoy keeping a record of my progress but without feedback it's hard to keep it interesting. Having readers is a nice perk =)