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Class enjoyment

Just for fun, here is a list of my characters and the different classes I've played, sorted in the order I enjoy them. I don't mean any harm to the classes at the bottom, it's just a personal preference, somehow I'm just not comfortable playing them.

  1. 70 Druid(restoration)

  2. 70 Mage(Fire)

  3. 23 Warlock(Affliction)

  4. 42 Paladin(Protection)

  5. 24 Priest(Shadow)

  6. 70 Rogue(Subtlety)

  7. 29 Warrior(Fury)

  8. 31 Hunter(Beast Mastery)

  9. 24 Shaman(Enhancement)

I'm not sure why it looks exactly like it does. My rogue is ranked low for being level 70 but I haven't been inspired to play as him lately. Shamans didn't exist on alliance side back when I was leveling and I didn't know any hunters so they were a mystery to me while leveling. I guess I'm more of a healer/caster at heart than melee or physical damage dealer. The paladin is rather high though because I've recently discovered how fun it can be playing as protection.

I'm guessing the Death Knight will play somewhat like a Warlock/Warrior/Paladin so perhaps it will position at 3-4 when it arrives.


Megan said...

Your list reminds me of the choices I'm going to have to make.. on who to level first in the expansion. Sigh.

erumel said...

For me the first thing will be to go through the Death Knight starting zone which will be a great start of the expansion.

I'll level my druid to 80 to be able to raid and then I'll level my mage to 80. After that it's either the slow climb of the paladin or getting the Death Knight to 80 as well. I think a trio of leather healer, cloth dps and plate dps will be a nice variation at 80. Looking at my list I realize I must have an aversion towards mail :)