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Kalecgo(e)s down!

Going down...

Sathrovarr the corruptor defeated!


This fight takes a few tries getting used to. It really boils down to standing in the right place all the time, taking portals at the right time, decursing at the right time and staying alert for tank transitions and healing the right person and nobody messing up.

My point of view in this fight is MT healing and decursing when possible. I'm not using Tree form in this fight because I need to decurse and I'm not in the MT group either. I also throw the occasional Healing Touch to save a tank near death. I run in, HoT up the tank and then stay in my area, spread out within my group and keep the HoTs rolling on the MT while waiting for my group to get portalled.

When entering the demon zone I run and group up on everyone else to the side of the demon and start healing the MT in this zone. I'm using an addon called ChatMod which I've set up to react to the phrase 'about to taunt' which then highlights the person saying that on my screen so I can see who is about to tank all the time. The tanks use a macro to warn the healers before taunting the demon and the dragon (not using any voice comms remember?). oRA2 MT list helps too. I keep and eye on decursive to remove any curse passing the 15 second mark. When returning to the normal zone we have a designated spot to stand where we can't get portals for a while which no one else must get near who is a valid portal target. I quickly heal the MT as soon as entering the zone and then reposition. When the debuff has about 10 seconds left we all spread out to our original spots all the time keeping hots rolling and decursing if possible at the 15s mark. Rinse and repeat.

Now this awaits.

[Madrigosa]: Where is Anveena, demon? What has become of Kalec?
[Brutallus]: Puny Lizard! Death is the only answer you will find here!


Ithilien said...

Good luck with Brut - he's a handfull and more frustrating, a genuine gear check. You might be doing everything right and still hit enrage after enrage after enrage :s Good luck though :D

Anonymous said...

That was fast!

You better get back to work so it slows you down a bit and I can keep ahead...


erumel said...

Thank you! :)
We've been clearing Hyjal and BT since we got Illidan down for the first time so we are getting close to 4 piece T6 for most of us now. Not sure where that leaves us when it comes to Brutallus though.

I'm guessing our guild master will be measuring DPS on Teron to see how close we are. On our last go on Teron we had 16 DPS along, four of them were below 1500 dps (2 at 1300, 2 at about 1400, the top 5 were above 1800 DPS and a warlock had 2139 DPS.

I think we only spent 3 whole nights on Kalec so it was pretty fast but it wasn't that hard once people stopped blowing each other up.

I'll be back soon Cigluk ;)