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I've been quiet for a while now but that's because we are still working on Kael'thas and there's not that much to report. We make it through to phase 4 sometimes but most often people are dying from Thaladred gaze in phase 3 or the Capernian tank dies and she gets loose. For the first time since the guild started it feels like we have hit a wall but I guess that's just how Kael'thas feels. I do hope we get him soon, on some tries it feels very doable but it's enough with one mistake and one death to wipe and that wipe costs 15-20 minutes with dying, resurrecting, buffing and going through the phases again and that can be very demoralizing. I do wish there was a mute or skip button for Kael'thas speech by now.

In between the raids I've started to level a paladin and a warlock. The warlock just got to level 11 and my paladin have hit 38. I never thought I'd like the paladin class as much as I do but it's really great. I've only tried the retribution build so far. I'm looking forward to summoning my charger soon. I'm in the middle of exploring the new Dustwallow content and I like how the zone has evolved.

Here is my paladin fighting in the marsh.

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