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Phase 4 and Kael'thas at 99%

We are slowly getting better! =)

The last try of the night activated phase 4 of the fight with both Thaladred and Sanguinar dead and only the Axe still alive from phase 2. It was a chaotic phase 3 though as the warlock tanking Capernian died early and she walked around during the whole phase creating chaos.

If last night was learning phase 1 and understanding phase 2 then tonight was properly executing phase 2 and learning phase 3. The dps and tanking of the weapons was great and everyone seemed to pick up their weapons without trouble. There was time left to position before the bosses activated even.

It was quite unlucky that the warlock died on Capernian due to getting out of range of the paladin healing him. That sort of doomed us. Had she been tanked then no boss would have been loose and everything would have gone as planned I think. Thaladred was getting killed by ranged dps, everyone was avoiding him, Sanguinar tanking was working and we kept that tank alive even though Capernian was breathing down our necks. The Telonicus tank didn't die until the rest of the raid folded so I'm optimistic.

Kael'thas activated as we had 2 adds and the axe left but we got him to 99%. You could sense some pride in the raid for having hurt him even the slightest. I quote our paladin "I may or may not have consecrated him" and our Moonkin said that she wrathed him and then got punched in the face for 900 or something.

This one and Vashj are really great fights!

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Aertimus said...

Oh man, now my head is spinning! I don't think I am yet ready to digest Kael'thas - my guild is still fighting over what is the "East" quadrant in Vashj's room. I can hardly believe they are just going to keep getting harder.