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A raid comeback!

What a great night tonight was!

After having had some trouble with success the last few raids tonight was a glorious return to our old style. We cleared Al'ar, Solarian, Void Reaver, Hydross and Lurker. All bosses one shotted except Al'ar who took three tries. 5 Nether vortex and 22 Mark of the Illidari dropped. We even finished early in high spirits.

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Aertimus said...

Thank you for the congrats and I am glad to see you had a recent great raid night. I too am horrible behind on Blog reading. I desperately need to do some trimming.

We have yet to start working on Kael', beyond reading strats. We still need to seriously pick up the speed with which we do farmed content and we have yet to down Vashj a second time - although hopefully that will be tonight.