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Doing Attunements for Hyjal now

Last week was a major success when we downed Kael'thas and got 18 or so attuned for Hyjal. It pushed us up to realm rank 9 according to Wowjutsu.

This raid week started last thursday with us clearing 4/6 SSC leaving only Leo and Vashj standing. Our second raid night was on sunday with us downing Leo on the first try and then got Vashj down on our sixth try. I'm amazed that we got her down actually. Remember that we have only defeated her once before and that was five weeks ago. Now we had several new people along and we still made it without much trouble. Awesome work by everyone!

After downing Vashj we cleared Al'ar and Solarian in the Eye as well. Yesterday was a one shot of Void Reaver and then several good tries on Kael'thas with many new people along. We are aiming for 7-8 new attuned people. There is a chance that we get him down tonight as we had several stable phase 4 tries yesterday.

If we get him down tonight I think we will have 23 attuned players for Mount Hyjal. Good luck to us!

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