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A 6/6, 4/4 week!

We got Kael'thas down for the second time yesterday!

First attempt made it into phase 5 and I guess we got so surprised by that so we wiped. After that we had a crushing 1% wipe and we kept struggling until respawns. After clearing trash again we kept fighting and finally he fell.

Now we are 31 players attuned to Hyjal so focus will shift to tier 6 content now with thurday farm raids to SSC and the Eye.

Nobody puts Thaladred in a corner!

This is what my guild means by placing Thaladred in the south east corner by the way. You can spot him behind the pillar in the upper right part of my screen. Let's just say that the rogue was gazing death in the eye.

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Aertimus said...

HoTs Tree wants to be 4/4, 6/6 in one week too! But we spent half of Tuesday night wiping on Al'ar. What the heck?!