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This is a proper Tree of Life form!

Now that I've seen the new wallpaper from Blizzard of a tree of life druid I know how I wish my druid would look.

One major disadvantage of playing a druid is in my opinion that you lose your sense of character progression and get somewhat detached from the gear progression as well. We have the same looks no matter our gear or level. Now I realize that it would be hard to implement for cat or bear form but at least now that I've been inspired by that beautiful wallpaper I wish that all Tree of Life druids would have a similar behavior as shadow priests. I would love to still be able to see my gear and weapon but instead of changing into the current form we could turn our skin into dry wood instead perhaps with some greenish shadowform aura so that other classes would still distinctly recognize use as restoration druids. Imagine that awesome animated transition as our fingers grow smaller and longer and the blood just disappears from our skin.

Oh how I wish for this to happen!


Aertimus said...

When I was lower level I was glad I always looked the same, since it hid my atrocious cloth and leather. But now that I am starting to like how my gear looks, I grow jealous. Changeable hair next xpack? I would settle for changeable cloths!

Leafshine said...

That would certainly be good. Just a different humanoid model, still displaying gear, instead of a complete shift away from humanoid...

Anonymous said...

actually that particular wallpaper is of a druid casting BARKSKIN. makes more sense doesn't it? :)