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As most of you already know it was for a short while possible to get the rare pet [Mojo] by doing the emote /kiss on the NPC Prigmon outside of Zul Aman. I was lucky enough to get him about 5 minutes before it was hotfixed as my guild mates complained they couldn't get him just after I'd been there.

I know some are upset that it was possible to get him this easily and that having him is supposed to be a sign of your progress into Zul Aman. Well, at least I know that I've seen Zul Aman quite enough so that I'm not ashamed of getting my Mojo by flirting with a troll.

Fortunately as stated here it seems that I get to keep my Mojo.
Mojo wasn't intended to be obtained for a kiss outside of Zul'Aman. You will need to get a hex stick and try your luck on the frogs inside Zul'Aman.

In the meantime, those who have managed to acquire Mojo will be able to keep him. Yes, you get to keep your Mojo.

Well, what else have I to tell. Niniel hit revered with Sporeggar earning a sweet [transmute]. I've gotten the [Stormchops] recipe from the daily cooking quest but so far it doesn't seem to sell very well. My mage alt just hit 300 enchanting and my rogue is working through the battlegrounds and has gotten 4/5 pieces of S1 gear and is at 150 resilience now.

I'll be going to Vashj tonight for my second try at her. Hopefully we will get our act together on phase two. We've got a great strategy post on our forum so I'm optimistic.

Airion, a guild mate of mine sent me that great image of Niniel that I'm using as a header to the site now, thanks a lot Airion!

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