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My patch 2.4 highlights

Here are some few highlights from the 2.4 patch notes that I really like.

A warlock will be able to summon players into instances from anywhere in the world! This will cut down some pointless waiting in the game.

You can buy blue lvl 70 PvP gear with gold from reputation vendors. This seems like a good start to become less easy to kill as you start doing PvP.

Instant honor reward! You can spend honor point immediately, no more waiting to the next day!

25 man raid bosses will that drop set tokens will drop 3 of them instead of 2 and also more gold! This is a wonderful change!

New daily fishing quest. Not amazing but another way of earning gold I suppose.

Priests can use Fear Ward while in Shadow Form. This is never a bad thing.


Aertimus said...

Spell haste effecting the GCD isn't in your favorites?!

erumel said...

Well it's awesome of course but I haven't any gear with spell haste yet so I'm not affected by it. Quote from WoWInsider "it would take a lot of Spell Haste to reach that one second-- more, he supposes, than is possible in the game at this point. One player speculates that it would take 785 Spell Haste rating to go from 1.5 to 1 second (+50% spell casting speed basically), and while I'm not sure about the math on that, there's no question that you'll need a lot of Spell Haste with the current gear to cast that fast. In the expansion, however..." so while great come expansion I'd much rather settle for more gold and extra badges from the raid bosses. :)