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Meeting Kael'thas

The last two nights in the Eye has been good to me. I've gotten both the [Girdle of Zaetar] and the [Ethereum Life-Staff] and tonight was our first peek at Kael'thas Sunstrider and his four friends.

Clearing the trash to him was no trouble. You just needed to chain cast fear and keep sheeping the mobs while killing them.

It's a five phase fight and we made it to phase 3 a few times. Some of the weapons were still up when his adds were revived. The last try of the night was ok though, I think we only had 2 or 3 weapons left when the adds came back. I think the AoE version of damaging the weapons was the best strategy.

Speaking of strategy I'd like to recommend this Kael'thas strategy by Tamzin. She has done an amazing job. She has also done a strategy video for Vashj which is a must see.

I think phase 1 was really easy and phase 2 seems ok as long as tanks get their targets quickly positioned and dps is focused. The transition from phase 2 to 3 seems a bit rough.

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Megan said...

Go get him this week, sounds like you are in prime position! Good luck.