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I need to repair, I'm broken!

When you defeat Fathom Lord Karathress in SSC you can pick up a quest from Seer Olum who is captured there. The Secret Compromised requires you to go and talk to Akama. To my delight this quest started a scripted event between Akama, Olum and finally Illidan with voice acting! Are there earlier voice acting events like this in Outland or is this something new since voice patch perhaps? It was a truly great scene!

The next step, Ruse of the Ashtongue requires you to prove your allegiance to Illidan by slaying Alar in the Eye disguised as a broken. This is all part of getting your Black Temple attunement which starts in Shadowmoon Valley with the quest Tablets of Baa'ri. Aldor version, Scryer version

Anyway, that's me as a broken in the screenshot above.

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