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High Astromancer Solarian

Tonight will be our second try at High Astromancer Solarian. Our first night at her was ok for being the first attempt. I think we got her to something like 35-40% but I don't quite remember.

The one thing that kept us from defeating her was her Wrath of the Astromancer attack. It's a challenge to have 25 raid members alert enough to run away from the rest of the raid and not cause the wipe. It reminds me of an unforgivable Flame Wreath from Shade of Aran but it's a personal debuff instead of an area effect and if you don't run away from everyone within six seconds then you will kill everyone around you.
Wrath of the Astromancer: Debuff placed on a random target, target will explode after 6 seconds for 5-6k damage and be thrown into the air. Anyone else in the range of the aoe will take the damage and be thrown into the air, the height is enough for 100% fall damage, however the person with the debuff will not take any fall damage.

It's a fight where positioning is everything and as a druid tree healer I feel a little out of place. I don't particularly enjoy a 20% movement debuff in this scenario, her Arcance Missiles attack is best countered by alert paladin healing and the tank doesn't take much damage. What I do is very simple raid healing with Lifeblooms.

Yesterday was also a bit disappointing in SSC. We had several tries at Leotheras but continued to wipe below 15%. We had a few new people in the raid which explains part of it but it felt like we weren't focused enough. In the end we gave up on him and went to Morogrim instead and got him down in a few tries. Even though we only got Morogrim down it was still a fun night raiding. [Gnarled Chestpiece of the Ancients] dropped but I'm already wearing [Shimmer-pelt Vest] so it went to our moonkin as an offspec item.

I've got my eyes on the [Ethereum Life-Staff] from Solarian but I haven't got the DKP to win it yet. I'm also waiting for [Orca-Hide Boots] from Leotheras and [Nordrassil Life-Kilt] from Karathress. I think those three items are top on my list right now.

I really hope that we will be able to defeat Solarian tonight, even if it means getting everyone to install SolarianAlarm!

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