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Morogrim and Karathress down!

Yesterday we defeated both Morogrim Tidewalker and Fathom Lord Karathress for the first time. We took out Hydross in between the attempts too but he is more or less on farm.

We've had one night trying Morogrim and one night trying Karathress before. To quote my guild master "In total, learning and killing Morogrim and Karathress combined took us 7 hours (a half-night on each of them, then 3 hours to down both in the one night)".


I expected us to defeat Morogrim because on our first night of trying him we got him to 8% and it just felt under control. The murlocs was being controlled perfectly by our warlock life tapping and our protection paladin healing him to get solid aggro. Wipes were caused by spike damage on the MT while we were unlucky to have healers getting teleported to the Watery Graves.

In this fight I stand between the graves and Morogrim so I reach both the MT and the paladin tank. I learned that one Rejuvenation and three layers of Lifebloom on the MT is enough for me not to draw aggro when the murlocs arrive. Just as they reach the paladin tank I cast Regrowth on him and then Regrowth on the MT. I'm counting on his Consecrate to keep them pinned on him. I always keep Rejuvenation and Lifebloom on the MT and Regrowth both tanks as soon as I see the murlocs are under control. The only thing changing in this fight for me is my position as we move into the tunnel behind the MT at the end of the fight. In case I get a water tomb I cast Rejuvenation and Swiftmend in the fall and Lifebloom while running back.


This came as a surprise to me. I wasn't there for the first Karathress evening but I don't think they ever came close to defeating him. What's interesting is that we got him on the last try of the evening close to 00:30 and the earlier tries hadn't been close since adds were still up. Suddenly all the adds were down and we were running back and forth healing the MT with plenty of mana left just avoiding the Spitfire totem. It reminded me of the Magtheridon fight as it seemed like as soon as the adds are down you know you are going to make it.

In this fight I started out healing the druid tanking the shaman with some Lifeblooms on the raid while keeping 3 Lifeblooms, Rejuvenation and Regrowth on the druid. When the Shaman was down I moved to healing the MT on Karathress who was only supported by one paladin at the start of the fight. As more adds went down healers were coming in to support our healing. It was pretty mana intensive healing the MT until getting support so I recommend mana regen buffs and trying to get some time outside of the five second rule here. I think I managed to stay at 70% mana just by using Mad Alchemist potion and the five second rule. It was also slow moving away from the Spitfire totem as Tree of Life so I got a few hits on me which the Mad Alchemist potion helped me recover from.

I was tired and logged out as the raid was called off for the night but I heard that some of the raid went to Vashj for kicks and got her to 95% :)

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