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A first taste of flame buffet

Yesterday was our first attempt at Al'ar and I'm happy about our evening. We got through the first phase without much trouble as it's damage is minimal and it's mostly about tank positioning.

The second phase is another matter and it's very chaotic until you figure it out, which we haven't yet. We got Al'ar to 52% of the second phase and the goal of the evening was to learn phase one which we did brilliantly. Trouble was people not avoiding Flame Patches, tanks not taunting at Melt Armor, unpredictable damage making healing hard and adds that ran loose through the raid so we still have a long way to go.


Dani said...

Man, that seems like a really tough fight. My guild's not out of Kara yet! I'm sure you guys'll get it soon, and hopefully (*knock on wood*) the Ashes drop.

erumel said...

Hi there and thank you! =)

Phase 2 is pretty rough for us anyway. We are having our second attempt tonight so let's hope it goes well.