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Versatile macros for versatile classes

Any class that has different stances or forms will benefit from buttons that change depending on stance or form. The intention of this post is to inspire to writing your own context sensitive macros.

This is not a reference post, for that I recommend reading up on these posts:
WoWWiki's HOWTO:Make a Macro
Neuro's Macro Guide for WoW 2.0

I thought I'd share my own druid macros that I use in hope that they might inspire you to your own setup.

I'm using a Logitech MX500 which has 3 extra buttons; 2 thumb buttons and 1 button above the scroll wheel besides the left and right one so naturally I try to use them all.

Scroll wheel button

/cast [stance:1]Challenging Roar;[stealth]Pounce; [stance:3]Cower; [mod:Shift, target=focus]Regrowth; [mod:Alt, target=focus]Rejuvenation; [stance:5,target=focus]Lifebloom; [combat]Cyclone; [nostance:6, flyable] Swift Flight Form
/cancelform [stance:6]

Bear form
This will try to get aggro from all mobs around me by casting Challenging Roar.

Cat form
If I'm stealthed then I'll pounce and stun my target, if I'm already in combat it will cast Cower to lower my threat.

Tree of life form
If I'm pressing shift when clicking I will cast Regrowth on my focus target, if I'm pressing Alt then I will cast Rejuventaion of my focus target. If I just click it then I will cast Lifebloom on my focus target.

Caster form
If I'm in combat I will cast Cyclone on my target. If not in combat I will turn into Swift Flight Form and if in Swift Flight Form I will shift back to caster.

Large thumb button

/cast [stance:1]Frenzied Regeneration; [stance:3, stealth]Ravage; [stance:3]Shred; Nature's Swiftness;

Bear form
This will cast Frenzied Regeneration to heal.

Cat form
If I'm stealthed and behind my current target then I will Ravage it, if already in combat and behind current target then Shred. If I'm in front of my target then this button does nothing. I'm going to try adding something like "/startattack [stance:3, nostealth];" to see if I can get some utility from being in front of a target. Not sure about that last part yet.

Caster/Tree of life form
Cast Nature's Swiftness making next nature spell instant.

Small thumb button

/cast [stance:1]Growl;
[stance:3, combat]Ferocious Bite; [stance:5/nostance]Swiftmend; /cast [stance:3, nostealth]Prowl;
/cancelaura [stealth] Prowl;

Bear form
Cast Growl to get aggro.

Cat form
If in combat cast Ferocious Bite. If not in combat then Prowl, if already prowled then remove Prowl.

Caster/Tree of life form
Cast Swiftmend on current target.

§ button

/cast [stance:3]Maim; [stance:1]Lacerate; [mod:shift, target=player]Lifebloom; [mod:Alt, target=player]Innervate; [target=player]Rejuvenation;

Bear form
Lacerate the current target.

Cat form
Maim the current target.

Caster/Tree of life form
If I'm pressing Shift then cast Lifebloom on myself, if I'm pressing Alt then innervate myself else cast Rejuvenation on myself.

Combined macros

These are some macros that combine similar spells or buffs so that you can choose which one you want by left or right clicking it.
# Hibernate animal target with left click,
# soothe it with right click
/cast [button:2]Soothe Animal; Hibernate;

# Group buff with right click,
# single target buff with left click
/cast [button:2]Gift of the wild; Mark of the wild;

# Omen of clarity with right click, Thorns with left click
#showtooltip Thorns
/cast [button:2]Omen of clarity; Thorns;

Idol macros

These macros makes sure you equip the idols matching the spell cast.
#showtooltip Moonfire
/cast Moonfire;
/equip [noequipped:Idol of the Unseen Moon]Idol of the Unseen Moon;

#showtooltip Starfire
/cast Starfire;
/equip [noequipped:Ivory Idol of the Moongoddess]Ivory Idol of the Moongoddess;

I hope this helps a little bit. Merry Christmas to all of you!

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