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Leotheras the Blind down!

This was a close call but we made it with 8 brave heroes left standing. Our warlock tank died twice when Leotheras was below 15% health yet still he was alive when Leotheras fell.

Group shot for Leotheras and we now got two pairs of T5 gloves in the guild.

This is a nasty fight to heal as a poor druid. Basically I was wearing a mix of dps and healing gear (I think my bonus healing was around 1300 and my spell damage about 800 in this fight) and I was raid healing and backup healing the MT during the human phase and I healed our warlock during the demon phase. I held back a lot in the human phase for fear of drawing aggro during whirlwinds. You really have to watch out for having HoT's ticking during aggro wipes after his Whirlwind and stay on your toes (does a tree have toes?) to get away in time, get back to the MT in time for a quick heal and also be ready to switch from tree form to nuke your inner demon with Moonfire and Wrath. I like having Insect Swarm as well here with my new talent build!

As long as everyone runs away early from Leotheras to avoid his Whirlwind the main part of the fight is not very hard. It's just during the last phase from 15% health when both his forms are active that things get really tough. I'm a bit uncertain of how to heal there. How can I keep the Warlock alive and still not draw aggro from the human form after his Whirlwinds?

I'm so impressed with our progress. We have defeated Magtheridon, Void Reaver, the Lurker Below, Hydross the Unstable and now Leotheras the Blind in only a month with only two progress raids per week.

We went to have a look at Morogrim and cleared all the Murlocs leading up to him but then our realm decided that now was a good time to reboot and make all instance servers unavailable so we never got to try him.

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