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Quadruple loot fest

We've now managed to defeat Maulgar, Gruul, Magtheridon and the Lurker Below in one evening starting at 20:30 finishing at 00:30.

I really like healing the Maulgar fight. I stand near the entrance to the larger room and act as the Main Tank healer together with a paladin but I also backup heal on the mage tanking Krosh. This is a fight where it's easy to keep the HoT's ticking on both targets.

I got some really nice HPS(1154) in the Maulgar fight.

Gruul is an ok fight which I don't really love since moving with a 20% debuff and being unlucky with Shatter is no fun but I almost always manage to stay alive here.

Magtheridon is a great fight! I usually heal tanks #1 and #2 then raid heal and backup heal on tank #3 and #4 until Magtheridon is released. I then stay on the MT full time with some raid healing going on here and there.

Lurker is also a fight where I really like to heal. I stay on the MT and then heal the MT and OT for the guardians during the Lurkers dive. During spout I heal the raid from the water.

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