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Zul Aman, two bosses down.

Yesterday was our first peek at Zul Aman. I like the place a lot and we did fairly well one-shotting the first boss Nalorakk and downing Akil'zon after a few tries. We also had some wipes on Halazzi who was much harder in comparison until it got too late and we had to stop the raid.

Nalorakk down

Nalorakk was a simple two-phase fight with tank transitions and the raid was never in any real danger of wiping.

Akil'zon down

Akil'zon was a bit more challenging when it comes to timing and positioning. It's important to collapse on the target of the Electrical storm in order to not wipe. We solved this by collapsing preemptively on the tank seconds before it hit and then expanding to a circle directly afterwards. Healing was about keeping everyone above 50% health. We also 9-manned this fight with paladin and me on healing since we lost our priest early on and Rebirth was on cooldown.

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