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Healing gear upgrades within reach

The following gear all drop from bosses we have already downed so it should only be a matter of time until I get to upgrade to some of these items.

Void Reaver

[Girdle of Zaetar]
T5 Shoulders - [Nordrassil Life-Mantle]


[Crystalheart Pulse-Staff]
T4 Chest - [Chestguard of Malorne]


T4 shoulders - [Shoulderguards of Malorne]


[Nightstaff of the Everliving]

Prince Malchezzar

[Light's Justice]


T4 Gloves - [Handguards of Malorne]

What I care most about is upgrading my healing weapon as I've had [Gavel of Pure Light] for quite some time now. Competition is fierce for the healing weapons in the 25 mans so I guess I should start doing some Karazhan runs again for the mace or the staff in there since you get Badges of Justice now for your trouble. I really do want [Essence of the Martyr] anyway for boosting those lovely Lifebloom stacks.

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