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Two nights work and Magtheridon is down!

We've managed to down Magtheridon!

Yesterday was our second night ever of trying him. I'm so amazed by our progress! We tried the fight one night about six weeks ago and had maybe 10 tries where we at best managed to kill all his adds and get him to 96% health.

Yesterday took 13 tries and then victory was ours!

Magtheridons head on a pole

My healing strategy

At the start of the fight I position myself close to channeler 2 so I can heal tank 2 and provide healing aura and backup heal for tank 1 and 3 as well as those two are in my subgroup. I trinket and use 3 Lifeblooms and some Rejuvenation when needed. As the first add goes down I increase healing by applying Regrowth as well. When add 2 is down I throw a Regrowth on tank 3 and some Lifeblooms and then position myself behind Magtheridon and mana regen while waiting to heal the MT. When Magtheridon is unbanished I trinket Lifeblooms on the MT and keep them up for the rest of the fight. When bouncing all over the place I try to keep Rejuvenation up and Lifeblooms rolling so I can Swiftmend if necessary. In the last phase of the fight I also help more with the raid healing while keeping the MT topped off.

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