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Halazzi down as well

Yesterday was our second visit to Zul Aman and we managed to down Nalorakk, Akil'zon and Halazzi. Nalorakk was one-shotted yet again but we failed the timed quest because we pulled a patrol on our way to him and wiped.

We also made our way to Jan'alai for a few tries on him where I think we figured out the fight but it was too late to continue by then. I'm sure we will be able to get him next time. It took a while to learn how to deal with the scouts on the way to him as well but now we know how they work. Root and nuke the scouts, sheep the flame casters and don't idle near huts as more scouts spawn there. Keep a rogue trailing behind to pick up any scouts coming from behind and it works fine.

I also finished the Playin' With Dolls quest for the [Charmed Amani Jewel]. That will go well with some future stamina outfit.

I was lucky to get the [Amani Punisher] from Akil'zon which I'll use when soloing/grinding now that healing gear yields some spell damage. Imagine, I'm actually killing mobs now with my druid instead of just flying around fishing and picking herbs in order to afford raiding.

It was a fun and long night even though there were quite a few wipes on Halazzi and the scouts before Jan'alai. I have to say I enjoy the 10 man raids a lot more than 25 man raids.

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