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Poor priest

Hey there!

Long time no see.

I'm currently not playing WoW but I've really been enjoying the Hearthstone Beta for quite a while. I just wanted to share something funny that just happened while playing against a priest.

I'm playing a druid control deck and I'm doing well, I have health advantage, card advantage and the only minion on the board is my Ogre magi.

Here's the priest play with stats attack/health on the minion:

1. Sen'jin Shieldmasta (3/5)
2. Power Word: Shield (3/7)
3. Divine Spirit (3/14)
4. Divine Spirit (3/28)
5. Inner Fire (28/28)
6. Silence (3/5)
7. Concede

He/she was meaning to silence my ogre but misclicked and debuffed the Shieldmasta and then rage quit instead! ^^

I did have a Keeper of the Grove to silence anyway but I still had a laugh when I won like that.


Enmagi said...

That poor priest.

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That poor priest.

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