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Action bar safety - a PvP requirement?

I can't say that I appreciate getting flagged to PvP by mistake.

This is very unlikely to ever happen but I really wish that it was possible to flag oneself as /NoPvP. What I mean by that is that from my perspective it would improve the game to introduce a state where PvP-flagged targets behave like Friendly targets, I can target them but not cast any hostile spells on them. If I wanted to I could go back to /PvE and still not be flagged until any hostile action was taken. If a mode like that doesn't work then give me a safety mechanic for my action bar to actively click before I can attack any horde player :)

There were a lot of horde players flagged during the Thrall quest chain which was pretty annoying and distracting. Same deal with the new dailies, when an area is so active with targets everywhere it's not impossible to get flagged to PvP by mistake. When that happens I just /sigh, die and log to an alt or endure a 5 minute punishment as a ghost. That's not a huge problem but it is a pretty terrible game design which ruins how I want to play the game.

I've made the choice to play on a PvE-server and I never have any intent on getting flagged for any reason so why must I risk this? Sure, you can argue that it's exciting with conflict and the tension between the two factions is relevant but the problem is that I don't want the game to interpret my mistaken actions as hostile.

Can I please be allowed a safety for my action bar?


Anonymous said...

It's actually fairly easy to avoid flagging. It just requires a bit of thought.

Here're some simple tips:

* Don't use AoE abilities profligately. In most cases, you don't need to use Starfall or Holy Wrath or Fan of Knives to kill the quest mobs. Do a quick check of the target area before you use any AoE.

* When tab-targeting, pay attention to what you're targeting before you attack. Don't cast until you verify that the target is actually one you want to attack.

* Realize that if you try and help someone who's flagged, you'll be flagged as well.

Niniel said...

Hi and thanks for your comment!
Those are valid points, it's not that hard to avoid getting flagged.

What I'm really questioning though is why I should have to bother and take such caution? I think it ruins the immersion in the game. For example, instead of fighting to save Thrall in the new quest chain I instead have to go 'Oh, careful don't hit a Horde, ow, watch out, careful, don't hit a Horde." when really all I wanted was to thrash elementals without caution.

Adgamorix said...

It does suck, but (having spent the last few years on a PvP server), it's part of the game. Puppy had some good points, and yes - it can be aggravating, but dealing with other players is part of what makes this WoW - otherwise you're playing Assasin's Creed or something.


Niniel said...

I agree completely, it is a part of the game and I don't mind it really. It was just an idea that I believe might improve the immersion of the game for some players that share my view.

It's not something that I'll ever lose sleep over though :)

Oh, excellent link also! :)