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5/7 25m and Shadow Wardens unlocked

I wanted to show our first kill shot of Alysrazor, this is by far my favourite fight in Firelands so far! I've always had a soft spot for fights with mobility, multiple tanks and phases and stuff to dodge.

Currently we're 5/7 on 25 man normal mode with Fandral and Ragnaros left naturally.

Today I also unlocked the Shadow Wardens daily quests, it was fun to get some momentum in the dailies again. I think it was a mistake to stop the progress for 150 marks. A whole new zone and then being forced to just doing the same thing over and over in the first area? When I first got there I could feel that I was fighting on the frontier, Malfurion saying that the war starts now, it was pretty nice! It would have been better I think to just let us unlock all content in a linear quest chain without gating it for several days. Slowing it down in this unnatural way mostly ruined the immersion.

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