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Heroic: The Twilight Destroyer (25 player)

We finally nailed it tonight after weeks and weeks of hard work! After 7 minutes and 56 seconds Halion fell! This feeling brings me back to tbc, it was long ago you had to try a boss for so long without getting him down.

I was healing our feral druid MT together with a paladin in the fire realm in the last phase. A shaman was on our DK offtank and we had a priest on debuffed people and raid and helping out on the tanks when possible. There's not really much room to do much else than just spam the tank with everything you've got. In the twilight zone we ran with a paladin, druid and priest as healers. Boy am I glad we got this one down before the patch and the changes! :D


Virile said...


Kae said...

Congrats! I can only imagine the number of wipes due to someone lagging or disconnecting into the beams, ugh!

Niniel said...

Thanks! :)

I think I've seen most variations of wipes on this fight now. One funny wipe was when the fire realm tank clicked a portal by mistake when phase three started leaving the healers a bit startled as they came out of the twilight zone.

We've wiped from people being dispelled at the wrong location, disconnects at beams, DBM timers being off causing bad movements, MT healer disconnecting at p3, adds one shotting people, twilight zone debuff placed on portal location killing everyone going up, ninjapulls, twilight zone debuff appearing in front of you as you run out of the fire debuff zone, overrun by adds, overaggros, tanks randomly dying with unlucky healer debuffs etc etc :)