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Soloing AQ20 as a feral druid

I got [Classic Raider] done tonight! Getting AQ20 done was the last part!

Since Zul Gurub was such a success to solo I wanted to check out Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj solo as well. I only ever reached the second boss of that place before the Burning Crusade and I haven't been back there since. I've always been a bit curious of what was waiting behind those walls that I never got to peek behind and it was the only thing missing from the classic achievement. I remember going there in a raid with my first guild mixed with some randoms and someone talked to an NPC before people were ready and we failed miserably on the second boss and for some reason we never tried again.

I cleared the whole place solo in 2 hours tonight and I only died twice. My feral set is my worst as it's my second offspec and I really don't know how to gem or enchant it properly. I've never raided and don't intend to raid as feral and I make no claims of having a clue about it. I just know enough to solo old stuff, I like playing feral but I don't feel a need to be so scientific about it to be the best bear/cat that I can be if you know what I mean? I went with some sacrilegious mixture of agility, stamina, hit and whatnot. Trinkets are item level 200, I've got 2 pieces of 277 and the rest is 245-264 stuff and 3 pieces of T10. That's just to give you an idea of the gear I used. What I want to say is that if I can clear it who isn't a very good feral druid then I'm pretty sure you can do it too :)

Kurinnaxx going down

This boss is very easy, just walk around backwards and avoid the sand things on the ground and you'll get him.

General Rajaxx

I didn't get a good screenshot but the only time I died on a boss attempt was on the second one. I have no idea what happened, I was hitting a group of mobs in the early trash waves and I had full health and then I was one shot and my combat log said I died from Falling for 37k or something. No clue how that happened but I ran back in and reached the mobs before my NPC friends died and so I could continue. General Rajaxx was still the boss that was closest to kill me, he hit me very hard a few times and he was extremely close to killing my NPC friend Andorov too. Just Demoralizing Shout/Swipe the mobs and then use cooldowns to stay alive on Rajaxx. If you need heals you should be able to heal yourself and Andorov if you let him tank a bit. I lost my focus from being killed on the trash so I'm sure I did poorly here.

Moam down

This guy is supposed to be hard if you've got a mana bar, as I don't have that in bear form he was very easy to get down. You needed warlocks and priests to drain mana from him when you did him properly back in the day I think. In the end he summoned 3 elementals who did some Arcane damage but they were quickly killed.

The second and last time I died was actually on a Flesh Hunter who Consumed me. I had no idea he would do that, I couldn't do anything and I lost health until I was dead. Apparently you don't want to be in melee range when he casts Consume. That was easily fixed by going resto and nuking these mobs down with Starfire/moonfire as ranged. That way they just stayed as ranged and shot Poison Bolts at me until they died.

Buru the Gorger going down

I liked this fight the most of all the bosses! You need to kite Buru as he hits very hard and increases in speed as the fight progresses. You want to destroy the eggs as he passes over them, this hurts him and resets his speed buff. I ran in a circle as kitty and kept the eggs low on health. Kitty dps is so bursty that I could bring down an egg with full health egg with good margin as he was approaching but it was more fun to keep running and just hit a mangle or so on them. As you destroy an egg an elite add spawns which you easily can kill while kiting Buru.

Buru the Gorger down

When his shell cracks he's safe to melee and you can finish him of easily. I swapped back to bear form at this stage.

Ayamiss the Hunter going down

You need to dps as ranged until 70% health as the boss stays high in the air and shoots a stacking debuff on you. I went with full healing gear and feral spec to get spellpower and mana for the first 30%. It was easy to stay alive and bring the health down. I stood and nuked the boss with Moonfire/Starfire and ran off in travel form when I had some 15-20 stacks of the debuff, let it drop off as I outranged the boss and went back in. When adds came I swiped them as bear. When the boss landed it was easy finish as bear. You don't want a pet here if you're another class soloing as there's some sacrifice mechanic present that you don't have to deal with when you're soloing. Treeants aren't a good idea as a Moonkin because of this.

Ossirian the Unscarred down

This was a simple fight too. I cleared the trash in the large room then pulled him back to the first crystal and clicked it. Then I just kept dps:ing while moving backwards to the next crystal I could see and clicked it.

The basic rotation for all bosses is just having Demoralizing Roar and Faerie Fire up, 5 stacks of Lacerate and then alternate Maul and Mangle and swipe if there are any adds. I don't think I actually kept Faerie Fire up at all on most of them, even at my gear level it wasn't needed and I'm just a terrible bear so I forgot :o

Good luck, have fun if you try it!


Trizophenie said...

Rajaxx is actually pretty easy, and you were in no danger of dying on your attempt. His thunderclap like ability does I think 50 or 75% of your health as damage (of your actual, not max health) and Andorov has a healing aura, so he can't die as long as you have aggro from everything, and for yourself, LotP should be enough to heal you against the incoming damage.

Niniel said...

I see, thank you for explaining! I got the feeling that I was about to die if he kept hitting like that.

Cold said...

I just solo'd Zul'Gurub myself yesterday for the first time. Maybe I should try AQ20 next. Is BWL able to be soloed as well? That's all I need for my achievement.

Niniel said...

Nice! You definitely should check out AQ20 then!

BWL is unfortunately not possible to solo due to technical aspects on some of the bosses in there. The first two can't be soloed for sure. The rest of them might be soloable though, at least by a protection paladin I'd guess.

Frnit said...

Greetings, I'd suggest you Faerie Fire on cooldown when bearform, especially if you're tanking, since its your best threat per second after maul and mangle (and keeping up 5x Lacerate of course).

It's also a very convenient tool to create additional damage when you're in low-rage-situations, like soloing old world single mobs (MC trash, AQ20/ZG bosses and such)

Also, did you take a look, what kind of gold amount the bosses drop if you're alone. Should cover repair bills, though it's not the best gold per hour.

Niniel said...

Greetings! Thank you for the advice!

I don't really plan to tank instances on my druid so threat isn't a factor but the extra damage and the debuff is most welcome!

I've cleared ZG and AQ20 a couple of times more now but I haven't considered the gold gain from it yet. I'm mostly going in for the reputation and fun factor but I'll have a look at the profit from it the next time.