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Fun in Zul Gurub!

I wonder why I've never thought about how easy it is now to solo and clear all of Zul Gurub as a feral druid. There's just no reason now not to get exalted with the Zandalarian tribe. All those bijous and they're all mine, mine I say!

The real reason I went there though was that I thought I'd have a go at the tiger mount from Thekal. It was so surprisingly easy that I got the rest down too. No mount this time but I'll be back for sure! Already looking forward to the reset! :)


Solitudeone said...

AhhHaa! Hope it does turn out to be fun, it's next on my list right after I finish the Winterspring Frostsaber mount. Have to start fresh with it though. Any tips for a balance druid going in?
Hope you get that tiger!

Niniel said...

Good luck!

I'd say go feral for it. If you have some gear for it. I'm sure it's possible to do as moonkin as well but you'll have an easier time with Swipe and Mangle instead of getting interrupted by melee hits.

I like being able to use all specs for different tasks, it's what I love about the druid class.

Just soloing Thekal is about killing them all at the same time and interupting the healer which is most easily done with feral charge. As a moonkin you could probably just overpower them with nukes and dots and barkskin/starfall/hurricane.