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Tree Fu!

I'm planning to salvage all important files and settings from my existing computer before upgrading so I'm going through all the old files and folders and found this classic screenshot. It's from when I soloed Ikiss as resto and got Anzu.

I punched him right on the beak, that I did!

Melee tree ftw! Backward jumping branch barrage! Kōhō janpu bunki danmaku!


Essara said...

Oooo, lucky! I have yet to see Anzu drop! Still trying to this day. >_<

Enmagi said...

super cute screenie!
gratz on the new computer btw... having great fps can only help your hps :)

Niniel said...

Thanks! :)

I'm not sure my hps will be that affected really, I think I've become pretty good at using my GCD's no matter how slow the screen updates. I do expect to survive even better though as I'll have a better understanding of where the hell I am and what the hell is going on around me :b

Keredria said...


my favorite part of the lich king fight is when us trees become the raging spirits. tree goes kapow!

Niniel said...

Haha! I like MC'd tree at Deathwhisper too :) As long as it doesn't teleport me to Moonglade ;)