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Earth, Wind & Fire (25 player) Realm First!

As we didn't have a really good setup for heroic Sindragosa or Putricide this thursday we decided we could spend some time at Earth, Wind & Fire in VoA instead.

It went well with our gear level so we got it on the first try. There's roughly three steps involved as described below.

1. Kiting Koralon to Archavon

2. Burning down Koralon and Archavon to low health

3. Nuking Emalon aaaand done!

The whole raid kited Koralon to Archavon being careful of Meteor Fists, we then burned both of them down to a low percentage...don't recall how low though..maybe 1 million hp each? I then stayed in Archavons room with 2 tanks, 4 healers(2 resto druids, 2 holy paladins) and 3 dps to finish them off. The rest of the raid moved to Emalon and nuked. Emalon died last as our group ran to help out so there was some downtime for our dps and healing in the end.

Here's the World of Logs for the encounter.


Enmagi said...

Awesome job! I've never even attempted this, but I bet it'd be fun.

Good luck on Heroic LK, we're working on him on 10 man (which should be significantly easier than 25 I would think) Sounds like your guild is doing well :)

Niniel said...

Thanks! It was an interesting encounter :) Stuns and flame patches all over and pretty high damage.

There's been a few 4-7 minutes attempts at LK 25H so far but we're not close yet. The damage is insane :b

Good luck on your attempts!

Kae said...

Way cool :D I've been looking at doing the 10-man version with my guild, but we keep putting it off.


Niniel said...

Thank you! :)