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Marina and the Diamonds - I am not a robot

I adore this!

Tonight is a night of retro 10 man Ulduar hard modes! I never even bothered to clear the place once back then as I focused completely on the 25 man version when it was current content. Because I had to have 100% attendance for Val'anyr fragments I didn't want to risk burning out back then. Now it another matter though...charge forth!


Enmagi said...

yay! I love your taste in music!
this update makes me happy :) more please :)

"better to be hated than to be loved loved loved for what you're not."

Niniel said...

Glad you liked it, I love it too! =) Hadn't heard it/of her before?

I like the 'Never committing to anything, don't pick up the phone when it ring ring rings.' part. Small detail but I also love the hand movement for 'You've been hanging with the unloved kids', not sure why =)

Overall it reminds me a bit of Kate Bush I think.

Enmagi said...

I noticed that hand movement the first time I watched it and liked it as well.. I actually was wondering if she'd do it or something similiar again a bit later.
I also liked the smeared paint from the tear later on in the video.. it's subtle but I like it :)
Haven't heard of her/it before no. She reminds me, vocally, of Imogen a little.
I also haven't heard of Kate Bush >.<

Niniel said...

Ok, you need to watch "Running up that hill" with Kate Bush:

It's very artistic and I hope you'll like it

Enmagi said...

Really like the movement around 2:48.

Niniel said...

The leg sweep or what you'd call it at 2:52 is my favorite part :)

Enmagi said...

it's a shame you can't buy the mp3s at amazon or itunes over here.. your good tastes in music need to expand their base :)

Anonymous said...

You pick awesome songs!
- Have to buy now..

Niniel said...

Thank you! :) Glad you liked it!