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Molgeim, flame warden and more fragments

Last night we had a first go at middle mode council and got Heroic: I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim done on our fourth try. The key to the fight was to be mobile, stay together and assign aoe classes to dps the portal adds. Hunter traps and Improved Blizzard from mages helped a lot. This meant we could loot the council for the quest item which leads to Algalon in the end. It was a fun scene to watch with Brann afterwards. "99,99%...that's repeating of course".

I spent this sunday getting the Flame Warden which meant a lot of travel. It's pretty funny to stealth into the horde cities, without Prowl I wouldn't enjoy it as much. Since I killed Ahune last year I only needed to visit the tabard vendor to reclaim my summer flame tabard and that got me the achievement.

We sadly skipped Yogg-Saron this week as we didn't have enough signups to make a balanced raid in terms of melee and dispelling. This week was also the best week ever terms of fragments, four of them dropped in total. Three of them dropped in a row from the first three bosses. Current count is 13 fragments.


Sunkist said...

Grats on the fragments, our guild seems to get our fragments in spurts as well. 1 one week, 3 the next week, etc.

Niniel said...

Thank you! =)